THE SIXTH EXTINCTION mix modern Hard Rock with traditional Metal to create the new wave of Melodic Metal. Formed in 2007, THE SIXTH EXTINCTION bring a new element to the conventional 'Metal' genre. A diverse range of influences, from classic Judas Priest and Metallica to the punishing tunes of Killswitch Engage, allow The Sixth Extinction to create an original mix destined for greatness. Their seemingly effortless songwriting ability saw THE SIXTH EXTINCTION win the 2007 WAM Song of The Year for Heavy Rock/Metal in what was just their first year together as a band. Brace yourself, for THE SIXTH EXTINCTION!

"As with everything, metal has done a full circle. From the 80's thrash and glam
scene to the up-rising of metalcore in the present day. No matter what genre
you like, Sixth Extinction definetly offers something for everyone. From faultess
vocal harmonies to all out growling, you will find yourself singing Sixth Extinction
songs long after you have heard them.A must listen for any and every rock n roller!!"
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Johnny K - Lead Vocals I Brett Jones - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals I Noodz - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
The Banch - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals I Geoff Callaghan - Drums